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Our company was founded in July 2016 with a goal to create something completely new and different. We are 3 years young creative company, known as a profound and unique hub for making innovation thrive. We specialize in delivering great ideas into a fully functional products. Our product development methodology and wide spectrum of expertise on different technologies that brings amazing outcomes for our company and customers. And we just upped our game On Febuary 19, 2019, we started our global expansion, combined forces with investors and partners we already creating a huge storm around this industry.

We are a company unlike any other. Proudly headquarted in United Kingdom, London, we bringing deep expertise in full eCommerce projects development, marketing, product logistics, customer support, and IT solutions to every project we develop. We are involved in developing eCommerce solutions that include: dropshipping stores development and management, complete private labeling products branding and development, creating affiliate marketing campaigns to generate income and more. It thrills us to shape businesses and put them into internet world, nurture them and watch them prosper. With the track record of strategizing & delivering more than 20 successful projects over past 3 years, We becoming a leading brand in ecommerce Development and management industry.

We are pleased you to let know more about our unique opportunities so we are Welcome you to Our company, which operates globally. You can establish your financial needs with the most top of the line eCommerce development company - Comercex. We are fast growing and experienced company in eCommerce world and with the use of the latest eCommerce technologies, we ensure that every customer who cooperates with us get pleasing experience and satisfaction. Join us today, we are open to promising and mutually beneficial cooperation with each of you!

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Comercex UK Head Office

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    17 Edwards Rd, Ruislip, London, England, 4A4 7AE

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    [email protected]
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    Mon-fri, from 09:00 to 18:00 GMT

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Comercex LTD. well-known team of developers and managers with over 3+ years experience in eCommerce space. Initially, we delivered wide range of products and services to the industry. Partnered with biggest players in the industry like amazon, ebay, alibaba and more. Today, Comercex Ltd.Is not just another name in the White Pages. Comercex Ltd. works on: Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping, Private labelling, Advertising, Trading, etc. That is who we are now: An international company providing best eCommerce services and products worldwide.

Hong Kong

Comercex Hong Kong Office

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    Rm. 301,43 San Fung ave, Sheung Shui, N.T Hong Kong

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    [email protected]
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    +852 580 33136

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    Mon-Sun, from 09:00 to 18:00 GMT

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As Comercex Limited started swiftly evolving and developing, there appeared a certain need for extension that could handle our massive influx of customers and product logistics from asia. Thus, a Comercex hong kong limited was born, a asia based subdivision of Comercex created to be closer to our manufacturers and customers from asia region. As a result, Comercex company hired more talented and qualified professionals for network extencion. Also no coincidence that Comercex Ltd.'s one of the offices is located in Hong Kong: the Asian emerging market is arguably one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets in the world. Now all of our asian clients are served out of our Hong kong subdivision.

Growth of eCommerce by 2014-2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)

This statistic gives information on retail eCommerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2021. In 2017, retail eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021. The top 3 online stores' revenue amounted to almost 100 billion US dollars in 2017.

As the internet becomes more commonplace and the concept of Online Marketing is ever expanding, many products and services are available online today through the use of online payment transactions, and as per the survey results, people have become more comfortable to shop online. We see that online sales growth outpaces offline by a wide margin. Ecommerce sales skyrocket across the developing world as well, building an online presence is a low-risk way to test new markets or complement existing store footprints. According to the Forbes, eCommerce solutions are becoming essential for small to medium-sized businesses as online sales during the last few months grew at 50-60 % year over year, while retail merchant was down.

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Why We Are The Best

Our cutting-edge technologies, development solutions helps our business expand beyond the horizons and surpass the set goals.
Our services promise results.


Specialists of our company developed the best investment proposals on the market, with flexible variety and high dividents!


We thoroughly analyze eCommerce markets as well devirsify our assets to get the highest profits with the minimal risks


Our team have many years of working experience and hundreds of successfully made deals under their belt.


All the personal data of our users and transactions are secured, protected and encrypted. They are never disclosed to any third parties.


We generously share our profits with our clients, so investing your money you're making an imporants contribution into our company's development. Thus, it's a win - win deal for both sides.


Investors are able to enjoy with 24/7 technical supports service. As well investors can log into account and manage savings at any time without restriction.

Comercex Team

Meet our Research & Development Team. We have assembled a world class engineering, strategic and design team
with over 40+ years of collective experience in eCommerce. We are always committed to make our work to the maximum effective ways.

Adam Hugh


Geek, Entrepreneur, and information addict with experence launching and scaling an eCommerce operation from a shoestring budget to $5M+ in annual sales.

Steven Doop

Ecommerce Manager

Manages eCommerce projects. Has good financial skills

Mark Kowalski

Digital Marketing

Responsible how we Reach (and win) customers and sell our products.

Yuriy Nikitovich

Chief Engineer

Yuriy taking care of Web development, user experience, Copywriting, has good organization and technical skills.

Andrew Barker

Online Products Development

Markus Baum

Sales & Community Manager

Bertrand Heijman

Supply Chain Manager

Shipping and logistics. Staying on top of procurement warehouse management.

Judy Sievers

Customer Service Rep

The voice of our brands, understands our brands completely. And creating staggeringly better customer experience.

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UK Office

2nd Floor College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, London, United Kingdom, HA4 7AE

Hong Kong Office

Rm.301, 43 San Fung ave, Sheung Shui. N.T Hong Kong.

United States Office

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