Legal aspect

The investment process provided by Comercex Limited International company is absolutely legal business activity that is confirmed to presence at the company of all corresponding permissions, licenses and documents. Investment activity and also the activity, rerected to eCommerce assets in full conforms to requirements of business activity performing both from the point of view of the legislation of the United Kingdom, and from the point of view of the international legalislation regulating of this kind commercial activity.

Above-mentioned kinds of activity are a starting point for the following step - management of investments funds of third-party customers. Comercex Limited International provides services of trust managements of investment funds of customers, meaning guarantees of success and profitability due to success and profitability of own business directions. Thus, each investment of the customer is protected from losses of successful commercial activity of the company.

Such approach of investment process and receiving the maximum guarantees is impossible without full transparency of Comercex business. Therefore for this porpose that customers of the company gained the maximum effect of investment process and also for growth of trust to services of the company, all activity of Comercex Limited International can be checked at any time. Transparency of this kind better than anything affects investment climate in the company and instills confidence into the customers of Comercex.

Investment insurance

Regardless of a way of cooperation with us in the form of this or that investment offer used by the customer, money of each investor are insured automatically. We understand all seriousness of consequences which can couse some types of investing and therefore we attach essential significance to investment process security guarantees. Comercex dosen't accept accidents and sees the future of cooperation of the company with each customer only as equal partners partners and risk-free of the concluded deals.

In this regard Comercex Limited International successfully and fruitfully cooperates with several insurance compannies which, besides the successful business directions of the company, additionally provide almost absolute reliability of the investing process. Such strategy of the company is associated with certain financial cost which, however,quickly pay back due to faultless repuration of Comercex Limited International as the business partner with whom to run business absolutely safely, reliably and profitably.

Each investment under protection. That's how Comercex Limited International look at the process of interaction with customers and fulfills before them the obligation in full. Except insurance, investing,consultin, information and guarantee obligations, Comercex expands borders of trust fund, forming a certain stabilzation fund which created to optimize and to quickly restructure possible losses of customers in the shortest possible time and most effectively.

Deposit insurance

Investment insurance is a program of financial risk stabilization related to investment processes and it is backed by the efficient and continuous assistance of the company to the international insurance operator Allianz SE.

Insurance fund

5,000,000 USD


Stabilization fund

No matter what external circumstances there are, the Company's Stabilization Fund will ensure the permanent performance of all investment commitments, effectively maintaining the financial equilibrium of investment flows, may it be necessary.

Stabilization fund

800,000 GBP


Customer Investment Insurance

In tight cooperation with the Stabilization Fund of the company, there is also a Client’s Investment Insurance program. This initiative of our company was started due to the fact that we want to provide our Clients with the best conditions for cooperation, and it became available with the help of active and legal assistance from the international investment risk insurance operator, Allianz SE.

Our business is extremely steady and predictable, and at the moment Allianz SE has provided the Insurance Fund in the amount of 5,000,000 US dollars, which makes it obvious that \ Comercex is a dependable business partner.We are trustedand seen as strong partners for work and great profit opportunities. In addition to the Stabilization Fund, any investment risks of our Clients will also be covered by the Client’s Investment Insurance. This program was created for an unlimited period of validity and in accordance with its terms and conditions, all Comercex transactions concluded as part of the investment program are subject to be insured.

EHence, our Client’s security can not be random or selected. Everyone who has signed an investment contract is eligible to fall within the scope of the Client’s Investment Insurance program for the period of the contract. In case of prolongation of an investment contract or signing another contract (at the initiative of the Client only), the term of validity of the Client’s Investment Insurance program expires simultaneously with the closing of the latest contract. Such conditions of cooperation are a vivid example of how our companyactually implements in the process of tight and productive cooperation with every client such values ??as equality of business partners, parity of business interests and fair distribution of profits for all participants process.

Insurance Characteristics

  • Risk free investment placement.
  • Compulsive assistance and support at all stages of work.
  • Automatic registration of the Client in the database of the Client’s Investment Insurance Program.
  • Parity of business opportunities.
  • Division ofresponsibility and protection of the interests of the Client.

Investment Insurance Agreement. Insurance Fund

IIn addition to automatically registering each Client who has signed a contract with our company, in the database of the Investment Insurance program, each Client of our company will be given the chance to sign an Investment Insurance Agreement on the initiative of the Client. This possibility is not a preference or duty of the Client and cannot influence possible insurance liability of the company. To sign an Investment Insurance Agreement, the Client does not need to abide any additional hidden conditions. Openness and mutual trust are the principles that the whole process of cooperation of our company with its Clients is built. Our company also transferred this vision of its own business to the process of signing an Investment Insurance Agreement.

At the same time, this Investment Insurance Agreement does impose some obligations not only on our company and on the insurance operator of investment risks as a guarantor of the implementation of this Investment Insurance Agreement. As per the Investment Insurance Agreement, certain commitments will likewise be forced on the Client, which does not repudiate, but rather affirms our regulation of full correspondence in all business forms in which every single invested individual is included. Proportionality of conveyed rights and obligations presents the important air of trust and security, which beneficially affects the speculation procedure, just expanding the aggregate benefits of both the organization and our Clients. By consenting to the Investment Insurance Arrangement, every Client gets the Investment Insurance Agreement on paper, in accordance with the worldwide measures administering the drafting of records of comparable substance and this archive is tort in any country, which puts the Investment Insurance Contract on a par with international busine liability insurance policies.

Anticipated Security

  • Insurance Fund of 5,000,000 US dollars.
  • Stabilization Fund of 800,000 pounds sterling.
  • International Standard of the Investment Insurance Agreement.
  • Full compliance with international business liability insurance policies.
  • Full legal support from the company.

Non-disclosure of data

Personal data under protection. At the presend stage of Internet technologies development, many websites demand from visitors and users of providing personal data for the processes optimization of further cooperation and services using. Our system is arranged in this way and without providing personal data further cooperation will be impossible. All personal data provided by the customer at registration of the personal account are in our case under protection and can't be provided to he third parties under no circumstances.

Non-disclosure of personal data is integrated by Comercex Limited International into structure of matual cooperation and is a guarantor of safety of the concluded contracts and deals. At any stage of investment process, any customer of the company can be absolutely confident in safety and security of personal infromation. Comercex Limited International understands that safety of personal data of the customer is a basis of long-term cooperation and trust at the highest level.

Creation of ivnestment online defines spesifics of Comercex obligation implemention to custoemrs regarding failure to provide personal data to the third parties. In particular, but without being limited only to these means, Comercex Limited International actively uses the encryption systems of flows of information and data transmission, stores personal data and all other important information on the protected servers and widely applies a cloud technologies, making impossible unauthorized access to any sord of closed information for the third parties.

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